JJC offer a range of consultancy services including:

Cleaner Production

JJC utilises cleaner production methodologies for the identification, evaluation and minimisation of waste streams. JJC develops and implements Waste Management Plans at manufacturing sites, minimising the cost of waste management. This may involve: Auditing of waste production. Conduct or facilitation of waste minimisation studies Identification of reuse or recycling opportunities and technologies. Development of Waste Management …

Design & Project Management

Our objective is to engineer simple, robust and fail safe treatment plants for manufacturing sites designed to meet effluent standards at minimum cost. Solution designs are robust and innovative and are tailored to your specific needs. Process design services in a consultative workshop format that enables our clients to maintain control of the decision making process.JJC managed projects …

Environmental Monitoring & Reporting

Environmental standards are getting tougher every day and accurate reporting is a necessary part of doing business. JJC can take care of all your monitoring program needs, including: Sample collection and analysis EPA License reporting and consultation Independent verification reporting Environmental Management Programs Contamination Remediation Procedures

Plant Operation & Management

JJC provide operational and technical support to ensure your treatment plant works to its optimal performance JJC reviews the performance of existing treatment plants and identifies measures to improve performance and reduce operational costs. De-bottlenecking of plants increases plant capacity and the application of process engineering principles often enables dramatic improvement in output and quality …