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Cleaner Production

JJC utilises cleaner production methodologies for the identification, evaluation and minimisation of waste streams. JJC develops and implements Waste Management Plans at manufacturing sites, minimising the cost of waste management. This may involve:

  • Auditing of waste production.
  • Conduct or facilitation of waste minimisation studies
  • Identification of reuse or recycling opportunities and technologies.
  • Development of Waste Management Plans.
  • Design and construction of processes for treatment and disposal of liquid wastes and wastewater.

CWW Meat Industry Review

In 2006, JJC were commissioned by City West Water (CWW), EPA Victoria and Sustainability Victoria to undertake a review of water and energy use at seven meat industry sites within the CWW catchment area. Utilising Cleaner Production principles and methodologies, JJC identified a range of opportunities to reduce water consumption, reduce load to sewer and educe energy consumption …

Salt reduction in wineries (TEFF)

Tarac Technologies administers the Tarac Environmental Future Fund (TEFF). The initiative was introduced to encourage innovative environmentally sustainable solutions for management of winemaking residuals. Tarac awarded a TEFF grant for a collaborative project between two premier South Australian wineries, Yalumba and Rosemount Ryecroft (Foster’s) and JJC Engineering Pty Ltd. Tarac contributed $15,000 to this project …