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Baiada Hanwood

Baiada Poultry at Hanwood near Griffith, operate a large poultry abattoir and rendering facility.  Between 2012 and 2015, JJC designed, project managed and commissioned plant to treat 1,700 ML p.a of wastewater to produce treated water for reuse in agriculture and biogas for reuse, including:

    • Covered Anaerobic Lagoons – two each 50ML.
    • Sequencing Batch Reactors – two each 12ML.
    • Clear Well – 20ML 

The plant was commissioned in 2014, and has enabled an existing DAF to be decommissioned, with organics retained in wastewater and converted to biogas.

In 2016, JJC designed an expansion, taking capacity to 2,800 ML p.a, with provision of third CAL and SBR.

In 2018, biogas was piped to Baiada’s boilerhouse, to reduce natural gas usage.