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Spring Creek Vintners

Spring Creek Vintners own and operate a 12,000T winery in the very beautiful Marlborough Region of New Zealand. Marlborough waste water treatment is at the challenging end of the industry as it comes on late and with a rush – not well suited to biological treatment. Spring Creek had some existing treatment capacity, but not quite enough to get through the peak, so JJC designed some enhancements that complemented their existing equipment, but gave them more capacity when they needed it. Spring Creek also had great resources and managed the construction themselves with JJC assisting with the commissioning and training. The plant now includes:

    • Rotary screen and settling in a series of poly tanks (existing)
    • 2ML Aerated Surge Tank (new)
    • 600kL SBR tank aerated with 3 * 15kW centrifugal blowers (existing)
    • 600kL SBR tank aerated with 3* 30kW Roots style blowers and fine bubble diffusers (New)
    • Geotube sludge dewatering system (New)
    • MBR filtration of treated water (existing)
    • Treated water discharge tanks (existing)