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Ten Minutes by Tractor

Ten Minutes By Tractor owns a number of vineyards on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, and hasĀ  established its winery near Hastings. The winery is at the smaller end by Industry standards, but the desire to have best practice wastewater treatment and reuse was always front of their minds. JJC designed and project managed the construction of the WWTP suitable for a future crush of approximately 250T.

The plant consists of:

    • Epoxy coated winery sump inside a bunded treatment area
    • 45kL Surge tank
    • 180kL aerated SBR with a 5.5kW blower and fine bubble diffusers
    • 10kL Clear Well tank
    • PLC control system with remote alarming and trending
    • Treated water is stored in an existing dam and irrigated on vineyards